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Comprehensive Family Assessment Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The Clinical Action Plan will involve one initial family assessment visit and one follow-up visit to
implement the plan (based on the family assessment data). You can make up the information about the family for this task.
You are to write only the summary mentioned in the instructions!
full details


Comprehensive Family Assessment
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Date of Submission
Comprehensive Family Assessment
The process of assessment starts at the meeting point between the client and the therapist. Nichols (2013) argues that reviews help the therapist comprehend the challenges and defenses that arise during the therapy sessions with the client. Nichols & Tafuri (2013) add that the assessment aims to gather information through an active and dynamic process. The therapist is required to explore the presenting complaint. He/she should check for the possibility of family interactions influencing the presenting complaint. The assessment report focuses on a family assessment of the Smith family.
George Jones is a black American married to Sandra Cortes, a black American too. They have two children, namely Peter (6 years old) and Santos (10 years old). They exhibit low socioeconomic status, though they are a working-class family.
Presenting problem
The recommendation from the social worker was that the family needed parenting classes. Their children Peter and Santos, needed therapy because their parent's style of discipline was harsh.
History of present illness

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