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Disaster mitigation and prevention Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


This paper was about the role of first responders in the process of disaster mitigation and management


Disaster Mitigation and Prevention
Disaster Mitigation and Prevention
First responders play a critical role in the process of disaster management. The private sector plays various functions to facilitate the first responders' training on the three stages of the disaster cycle. The private sector is involved in the preparedness, long term recovery, and early responses. One of the private sector's roles is assisting communities in building resilience through their business continuity plans. Business continuity plans help communities reduce disaster risk by steering demand for materials and systems even during emergencies (Cvetkovic & Janković, 2020).
Consequently, companies and the public include all constituents in the disaster training schedules. The private sector also builds resilience by directly aiding vulnerable members of society. The private sector often provides financial support and necessities for affected society(Linnenluecke & McKnight, 2017). The private and public agencies strengthen resilience during disasters by providing essential goods and services that may be needed immediately during a disaster. Donations from the private sector provide essential resources that first responders need to operate.

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