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Play-based Learning Essay. Life Sciences Assignment. (Essay Sample)


the Essay needs to be written in response to this question "play is a powerful tool for young learners to explore their environment, acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes of the world around them. As the supporter of the learning, how can you make available the appropriate learning environment for this pedagogical approach to flourish within the science, maths and literacy area?" in summary i need to look at how play based learning ensures that science, maths and literacy are included in the environment, what would we do in the environment


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Pedagogical Studies
Play-based learning can be defined as learning while playing. Although the precise definition of plays continues to be a field of debate, including what actions or deeds can remain counted as play, play-based learning is very different from the broader idea of the play. In current years, play-based learning has been encouraged in early education centers globally because play poses some benefits to children. Play is essential for the growth of the brain in young kids (Pyle & Danniels, 2017, p.279). There is a belief that play always shapes the structural design of the mind and offers an active examination that helps in developing and strengthening the pathways of the brain. When play occurs in children, it ensures elasticity and value-added potential for learning later in life; therefore allowing the children to examine, define, negotiate, take a risk, and develop meaning.
Play experiences in children enable memory skills and language development, thus helping children to control their behavior efficiently. Why play-based learning is encouraged in most schools, is because it helps children to adapt academic knowledge in various subjects such as mathematics and science. Play-based learning fosters creativity because it enhances imagination, skills, physical, congestive, and emotional strength in children (Pyle & Danniels, 2017, p.281).

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