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Constitutional Consideration. Life Sciences Essay. (Essay Sample)


The instruction was to find any kind of Federal oversight over the sentencing decisions in Arkansas in order to try and correct some of these racial sentencing policies? Is the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division (or others) "watching" Arkansas in some capacity to ensure they don't do anything egregiously biased?


Constitutional Considerations
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Constitutional Considerations
In my course project, I examined the “effects of mass incarceration on community of color in Arkansas.” Among the main constitutional considerations that I faced in my project include the claim of discrimination under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14the Amendment of the United States Constitution. The differential sentencing and conviction rates in Arkansas, as I observed in my project, could be considered legal evidence of a violation of this clause. This is an important constitutional issue that has not been observed in detail in the past and people continue to evade it despite being a critical issue that affects the marginalized and minority groups like a community of color and other minority groups not only in Arkansas but in other states across the country.

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