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Climate Change and Healthcare. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The effect of climate change on healthcare


Climate Change and Healthcare
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Climate Change and Healthcare
Climate change is presently one of the leading challenges that human beings have had to face. Climate change refers to significant long-term variations in the expected average weather patterns of an area or the entire earth over an extended period. Climate change has become more apparent in recent decades as a consequence of increased atmospheric carbon IV oxide from fossil fuel use. Global warming denotes the gradual rise in atmospheric temperatures due to increased levels of carbon IV oxide, CFCs, and various other pollutants. Global warming occurs when accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb solar radiation that has been reflected from the surface of the earth. Global warming also results from deforestation and the destruction of marine ecosystems (Nesbit, 2017). Global warming is the leading cause of climate change. Climate change leads to a myriad of health challenges which impact negatively on the cost of care.
Climate Change and Healthcare Costs
According to Sieniuc (2018), climate change is the most urgent issue that affects the health of Canadians. There has been little dialogue so far amongst critical stakeholders on how to mitigate the effects of climate change on healthcare. More has been said concerning environmental sustainability than of the growing implications of climate change on the populations of the earth. The Canadian government, for example, continues to strive to prevent job losses from emission reductions. However, there remains an urgent need to also look into the effects of climate change on healthcare.

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