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Abortion. Race, Rights and Liberties. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Abortion advice


Race, Rights and Liberties
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Abortion is when one decides to end a pregnancy so that one cannot give birth. Sometimes it can be referred to as termination of pregnancy. In abortion, there are two ways of ending pregnancy which is in-clinic abortion, and by the use of abortion pill, both of the ideas are the commonly used ways in that are used globally. Abortion is safe when it is done using a method that is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe pregnancy also occurs in the world, this happens when a pregnancy is stopped by a doctor or any other person who lacks the required knowledge to perform the process because it involves the insertion of an object into the uterus. Still, if done by an unskilled doctor, it may lead to ingestion of a harmful substance that can lead to death or inability to get children in future (Costescu et. al2016)

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