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Sustainability and Green Building Design. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Reasearch a building and determine whether it is sustainable and evaluate it based on green design building


Sustainability and Green Design Building Report
Cincinnati Bindery building
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Sustainability and Green Design Building Report
Non-LEED buildings are those that do not meet the green sustainability. For a building to be green, some standards are set that it should meet. The building must be designed so that it is energy efficient and it can renew the energy. The building must also be water efficient. The materials used must be environmentally friendly. It should not produce toxic fumes or gases, and it should have a controlled indoor air quality (Williams, 2007). The building I am about to investigate is called the Cincinnati Bindery building. It is an abandoned building that does not meet the LEED standards. This paper aims to investigate the building using 4 LEED categories and propose sustainable improvement that can be done to it.
The Cincinnati Bindery building is owned by Cincinnati Bindery and packaging company that dates back in 1964. This building is located in Ohio in the united states and is abandoned and is no longer in use. Being an old building, it does not meet the green sustainability, nor does it have LEED certification. 

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