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Why a Lot of Parents Refuse to Immunize their Children (Essay Sample)


Identify reasons why most parents prefer not to immunize their children.
Use at least FIVE (5) quality resources as references for the assignment and document your sources using APA Style for in-text citations and references. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.


Why a Lot of Parents Refuse to Immunize Their Children
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Many parents are unwilling to vaccinate their children, which has led to a growing concern for the global frequency of vaccines of diseases that can be limited (Kennedy & J, 2020). Several studies have analyzed different reasons that parents are not willing to vaccinate their children. Besides, these reasons tend to be different between families. The following are some of the reasons why some parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children.
Firstly, there are reasons guided by religions. Only four states in the United States not giving vaccinations for religious beliefs motivate a significant challenge for whoever seeks to improve the childhood vaccination rate. It makes it difficult to deter viewing it as linked to the fundamentals of religious beliefs and the parent's moral universe other than being an option positioned on ignorance. Besides, reluctance due to religious settings is connected to be a complete rejection of many vaccines rather than a specific category.
Another influencing factor that has led to parents' increased hesitancy to vaccinate their children is personal beliefs or reasoning (Reuben et al., 2020). However, some limited states and countries generally permit vaccine exemptions; for this reason, it is a renowned one. It gives healthcare practitioners and other staff a chance to preach the gospel of awareness about the need and significance of protecting their kids through safeguard guidelines. However, it may encounter many challenges because very few people will be able to grasp it. Besides, some people believe that when their children transmit or contract some diseases, they benefit. In addition, many parents believe that natural immunity is more effective and there is no need for artificial immunity, which is administered through vaccination. Rarely do they think that this immunity will strengthen their children's immune system as they progress into adulthood? Whereas other parents fear that this artificial immunity's adverse side effects can outshine its importance, it is risky for their beloved children.
The other biggest reason influencing parents to refuse to vaccinate their children is due to safety concerns. Most of these concerns are broadly based on misleading information seen or heard in the media or through word of mouth. Despite everything, parents are unendingly attacked by the views of other people about vaccinating children (Castro et al., 2020). This can be highly overpowering guardians and parents to understand them to reach their own knowledgeable decisions.
Lastly, the desire for additional education has constantly derailed the effort of administering vaccination on children. Ideally, parents want more clarification on vaccinations to drive a knowledgeable decision after knowing the benefits of vaccinating their kids and the negative impacts on their kids. For instance, according to a study that was published in 2005, approximate a third of the targeted sample complained that they are not accessing adequate information, and some of them are also experiencing difficulties talking to or comprehending what the doctor of their children is communicating (Meherali et al., 2019). They further requested a piece of well-documented information described in a factual with zero biasness manner.
In conclusion, with my two-cent opinion, when a parent decides to resist vaccinating his or her children, you are not doing more harm than good to your children and the future of your nation. The aforementioned is because when that child is not vaccinated, you are risking your child and exposing other children and many families to diseases that could have been prevented with a vaccine. I now urge parents to be

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