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Change at the Workplace Applying the Systems Model (Essay Sample)


The task required to describe a change at school, work, or another area of life, and apply the systems model in the discussion.
The change that i selected was one that occurs in the workplace.
The system model that i incorporated in the paper comprise four phases which are; inputs, transformation, output, and feedback.
one was required to use both outside sources and copy of the textbook provided by the client.


Change at Work
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Change at Work
Today, change is inevitable in any kind of organization, and it also applies to individual lives. For instance, organizations need to constantly change their strategies so as to achieve their objectives. The same applies to individuals since they have to alter their behaviors or attitudes in order for them to achieve various goals in life. However, for change to become effective, it needs people or organizations to learn different things. For instance, Garvin (2023) indicates that for continuous improvement to be achieved in any organization, all workers should be committed towards acquiring knowledge. Besides, continuous improvement is one of the characteristics of change since entities cannot achieve improvement if they do not change their day-to-day processes or the way they treat their consumers. Notably, when implementing change, people are required to adhere to the four parts of a system which include input, transformation process, outputs, and feedback (Open Learn, 2023). One situation in need of change is my current workplace.
I am certain that my current workplace needs change to ensure that all personnel are treated equally. I have 

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