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Management Theory in Alibaba Company and its Influences in Teamwork (Essay Sample)


Management Theory in Alibaba Company
introduction of management Theory
Overview of Alibaba Company
Management Theory Influences Team Working
Management Theory Influences Team Working
Behavioural Management Theory in Alibaba Company
Principles of Effective Teamwork


Management Theory in Alibaba Company
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Management Theory in Alibaba Company
Management plays an essential role in an organization regardless of the size. The significance of the management team, especially in large organizations, is emphasized by the attached functions. According to Huang et al. (2013), managers are entrusted with planning, coordinating, organizing, staffing, and leading. Notably, to execute the duties collectively calls for effective strategies. Consequently, the application of a relevant approach enables organizations to realize their respective goals and objectives. Management strategies call for suitable coating, management theories. Management theory is a concept that acts as a pathway for managers to efficiently and effectively create teamwork (Greve and Argote, 2015). Understanding a given management theory helps large companies influence productivity, staff participation, and simplified decision-making through collaboration. Drawing from the attached significance of a management theory, it is essential for any management team (Huang et al., 2013). Even though different larges organizations are utilizing different management theories, the essay focuses on scientific theory in Alibaba Company.
Overview of Alibaba Company
Alibaba Company is one of the largest companies in the online commerce industry and the global scope. Significantly, the premium brand of Alibaba attained and maintained through effective management strategies (Bo and Chan, 2018). Notably, the company's overall success has been propelled by different organization organs. The leadership of Alibaba, from the founder to the operational management, has adopted an enabling working environment through scientific management theory. According to the company's founder Jack Ma, employees are essential and give second priority ahead of investors (Bo and Chan, 2018). Alibaba employees are motivated through good salary packages and involvement in decision-making. Consequently, motivation and morale have improved the team working culture.
Management Theory Influences Team Working
Large companies such as Alibaba, Samsung, and BMW, among other organizations, are characterized by many employees within departments and entire corporations. According to Huang et al. (2013), different people have different ideas, beliefs, priorities, views, tastes, and preferences. Therefore, harnessing and channelling such diversity to attain organizational goals and objectives is critical. Additionally, inducing a culture of productivity and employee participation in large companies calls for effective management interventions (Greve and Argote, 2015). Notably, there is a need for team working to enable large companies to remain competitive and realize a return on investment. Therefore, it implies that the management team should readily deploy applicable and relevant management theories to create a team working culture. Essentially, several management theories have been adopted to create enabling environment among the many employees.
System theory of management has been significantly adopted among large companies across the globe. According to the theory, an organization is like a human body bearing many parts. It implies that to attain unity, every aspect of the body plays a role in achieving the general goal (Huang et al., 2013). Similarly, employees, strategies, synergies, and systems form vital components in an organization setting. However, employees create the best elements crucial in attaining success in the organizational departments, workshops, and business units.
A scientific theory is a management theory utilized among large companies to create a team working environment. The theory was pioneered by an American engineer, Fredrick Taylor (Huang et al., 2013). According to the management theorist, management should adopt an organizational culture, where complex tasks are broken down into simple activities. Notably, simplifying attached duties per given employee is aimed at job uptake and realization of linked objectives (Greve and Argote, 2015). Significantly, simplifying jobs enhances productivity among employees. Additionally, management should develop "a fair salary for fair" system because money forms a significant incentive to motivation (Huang et al. 2013). Consequently, the approach adopted enhances collaboration between 

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