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Marketing Discussion Assignment: A Promotional Campaign (Essay Sample)


Read chapters 12 and 13. Then answer the following four questions:
1). Using the five determinants of service quality, evaluate the service quality of the most recent hotel in which you stayed.
2). A local health club is running a promotional campaign that promises you can lose an inch a month off your waist if you join the club and follow its program. How might this claim cause a communications gap? What should the club do to avoid a service failure?
3). Volkswagen sells cars in many countries throughout the world, including Mexico and other Latin American countries. How would you expect its market position to differ in those countries compared with that in the United States?
4). CITGO, the petroleum company owned by the Venezuelan government, sells its products throughout the world. Do you anticipate that its market positioning and advertising differ in different countries? Why or why not?


Marketing Discussion
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Marketing Discussion
Question 1
Applying the five determinants of service quality to Comfort Suites Hotel, I can assert that it is among the best hotels in the USA. In the tangible element, the hotel has been kept clean and updated in both its services and equipment. The staff is active in cleaning up the tables. Considering reliability element, it is easy to book various services from a hotel room, ranging from taxi to food. The hotel ensures that everything is delivered in time and in a proper condition. Under responsiveness, the workers are ready and willing to provide professional assistance without delays. Considering assurance aspect, both the goods and services offered at the hotel reflect on trust and confidence. The staff competence is also reflected in their behavior as well as personal attributes such as honesty and trustworthiness. Empathy as a measure of service quality is reflected in the staff efforts to understand what one needs and provide it in the best way possible.
Question 2
Communication gap in marketing is described as the difficulties or barriers in conveying the intended message to the target audience (Peter & Donnelly, 2013). It can be caused by choice of words or phrases that result in disparities in the intended message. The communication gap in the promotional campaign by the health club is centered on missing information on how these organizations will assist its members in losing one inch off t...
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