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Describe Whether Casual Wear Can Be Entertained In An Office Setting (Essay Sample)


Te essay describes whether casual wear can be entertained in an office setting.


The Office Dress Code

What one wears to work should be moderated by the management. Over years, working in some professions requires certain dress code. For example, nurses and doctors in a health institution are identified by the color of attire worn by the staff. In the current society definition of what is acceptable as official wear and official-casual wear is has been blurred. As an influence and attempt to look current, organizations are allowing casual wear in offices. This is evident in the attires the companies are making for branding and visibility, or even uniforms. So, should a relaxed dress code be allowed in the work place? I believe and strongly support strict office dress code in the office setting.
Official wear was made and for a long time emphasized because of the outlook the company presents to its clients through how they look. Branding and outlook play a major role in marketing the company as an authoritative player in the industry (Langford, 2005). Big companies have invested in making presentable attire for staff with both the logo and marketing slogan on them or plain color combinations. However, companies should not infringe any rights of the staff. Formulating dress code rules would be the most appropriate solution. Personnel who interact directly with clients should exemplify the company’s command in an industry.
Having uniform or guided attire selection for the office personnel is very important. This guides on what can be worn in the office or work. Depending on the industry, casual wear cannot be accepted. Having people wear inappropriate clothing in the office would compromise how clients look at the company or people relate in the office. For example, allowing people come in shorts, mini-skirts or scantily dressed would make optimal performance unreachable. Creating a dressing code enhances a rapport at the workplace (Langford, 2005). People relate well to each other, look smarter and can be a perfect image of the company.
Safety, identity and abiding to other regulations are other reasons why a dress code should be emphasized. For example, workers in a quarry or construction site need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) (Sabath, 2007). This is both for safety and abiding to industry regulations. Helmets, gloves, boots and protective suites are required to avoid personal injuries while at work. In another industry like health; doctors, nurses, surgeons and matrons wear different colors for identity. Patients and visitors know exactly how to approach different workers in different situations (Sabath, 2007). Regulations also require people to wear des...
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