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Case Analysis Assignment: Perceived Pay Inequality (Essay Sample)


Choose from one of the two cases “Perceived Pay Inequality” and “Production slowdown” posted online and complete a Case Analysis following the format presented in the “Case Study Analysis” powerpoint presentation give in class and posted on blackboard. This case study analysis should be a minimum of three pages.

                                                           Perceived Pay Inequality
Currently we are living in a world of perceived absolutes. This applies even to the amount of salaries or compensation we get in comparison to the amount of labor or services offered. For instances, there exists clichés that the poor are always lazy while the rich are evil (Müller, 11). None of the statement is proven true but from the case study on Atlantic County division of the Beach safety, it clear that the lowest people in each structure have less or no voice to air their grievances. They are just left with public demonstrations to have their issues heard and worked on.
In the case study, the lowest in the county government organization are the lifeguards and they have less power to control their wages, though their activities in the beach are a death risk. On the other hand, the lifeguard supervisors have no power to determine the wages of the lifeguards and therefore they must use protocol to ensure the information reaches the concerns to the administrators. The main victims of pay inequality are the life guards. The inequality comes along with the activities in which they undertake in the beach. They spend all their time in the beaches and they do not have any other side hassle. Having that in mind, they are the least paid workers in the pay scale of the county whereas they are the ones taking the most risk in the waters. They are paid this little since the county government has a lot of applicants on the same positions. Other application are even ready to offer free service in the waters. Therefore, the wages given to the life guards can be removed and the authority will still have volunteer life guards.
The county government have the strength pay either waged or volunteer lifeguards in the shores. On the other hand, the life guards are many and therefore they have strength to make mass demonstration to have their views and grievances addressed. The weakness of the county structure is that it follows the top down communication channel, where the information or decisions are made from the top and twinkled down to the lowest person in the structure (Müller, 23). The lifeguards’ weakness is that they lack a body or an association to protect and fight for their grievances. Similarly, the county government have the opportunity to either use the paid lifeguards or the volunteer life guards. The opportunity available for the lifeguards is to form an association as 75% of the total number went on strike. The association would then play a part in fighting for their rights such as wage increase (Müller, 18). Lastly, the county government is have threats of losing both the volunteers of and the paid lifeguards. While the lifeguards have the threat of being replaced by volunteer lifeguards as they are many willing to work with the little or no wages for services rendered.
The major problem in this case is that the budget allocation for the ongoing year have already been passed and approved, therefore the lifeguards’ have no chance of getting a wage increase as demanded. Additionally, the communication structure used in bogus making it weak for the lifeguards’ to have direct communication with the concerned without following procedures.
The whole process is facing resource problem, communication problems, policy and procedural problems (Müller, 14). The main possible actions to be taken is restricting the communication structure to ensure its horizontal, that information can move freely from the lowest to the uppermost. More resources should be allocated to the county government to help increase wages for the lifeguards. Policies should be rechecked to ensure equal treatment of workers in reference to constitution wage act. Rechecking the workers remuneration acts will enable equal pay for the lifeguards (Müller, 19).
The best course of action is policy change as it will work to ensure that all the other problems are sorted to fit both the organizational needs and t...
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