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Power, Leadership, and Culture (Essay Sample)


Discuss what power in the context of leadership is and how it relates to bullying within organizations. Also note how this impacts productivity.
Discuss what organizational culture is and how it impacts work productivity. Also, note how organizational culture impacts the success of innovation implementation.
How does culture impact leadership? Can culture be seen as a constraint on leadership?


Power, leadership, and culture
Power is the act of influencing a group of people or another person. However, power can regulate or control the organizations and sectors in the future. Suppose at any point there is the starvation of power (Li et al.., 2018). In that case, there is the danger that a person might get fear and manipulations that are undesirable to the organization's development. The power of an organization is seen as resource administration.
Organizational culture is fundamental values, norms, and beliefs in several modes of interaction, conducive to the spiritual environment or exceptional social to the environment. The culture of any organization might affect how the employees are working, performing, or the line of motivation. (Mickahail & Aquino, 2019).  For instance, an organization may set a culture where workers are supposed to talk to each other when required. The employee will carry out the task in a more civilized manner and spend less time on any given task.
Organizational culture can affect leadership in a positive or negative form. For instance, the person detecting negative behaviors might justify their undesirable performance and conduct, and the undesirable behavior may later move to other individuals in the organization. However, culture can positively affect leadership (Nguyen, & Mohamed, 2011).. For example, when a leader is more productive, the employee also will become more productive, resulting in work becoming more comfortable.
Cultural constraints are inflexible, which means people should be involved in doin

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