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Project Management Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The task was an assignment about an organization's managers and their relationship with the organization's employees. it required suggestions on what can be done improve poor manager-employee RELATIONSHIP. THE TASK ALSO INCLUDED AN ANALYSIS ABOUT THE INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT AND SUGGESTIONS ON THEIR IMPACTS.
THIS SAMPLE WAS THUS PREPARED AN ANSWER TO THE ABOVE RAISED CONCERN. it articulated the employees situations with their managers. how managers are SOMETIMES ignorant on employees matters. it also brought out what happens in such CIRCUMSTANCES. it provides a solution on what can be done to IMPROVE the situation.


Project management
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Question 1
Several employees will not have an interest in meetings and discussions if they do not have a clue of what is expected from them. It might be because they do not have an understanding of the work standard which they should operate in. In many such situations, the managers do not assist them in grasping the company's goals, which end up becoming not motivational to them. Without being informed on the company's guidelines, employees will never see the reason why they should support the initiative and improve the company’s production levels.
Most of the time, employees are resistant to share out their problems. In many cases, managers will never understand the thinking of employees. Managers should first have a deeper understanding of the member's strengths and weaknesses. This shall be instrumental in getting how each member work hence hides or her production rates and what hinders him or her from maximizing production. For employee’s performance to optimize, the manager shall have to adjust the style of work and ensure employee's projects are more of out front (Harrison & Lock, 2020).

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