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Relationship of Power and Decision Making in Business (Essay Sample)


What is the relationship between power and decision making in business? Using one external source, analyze how business leaders make their decisions. What are the steps that should be followed when making business decisions and how do they affect the outcome of the process. What is power-decision making?


Power and Decision Making
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Power and Decision Making
Power often comes with authority to make decisions. It is essential to note that methods should be derived to ensure that both these critical elements are shared equally in an organization. Lack of such an equilibrium can potentially cause conflicts at the workplace. For the best results in decision making the executive team must ensure that the process is precise. Critically, it is essential to note that although the top management might be involved in decision-making, employees and other junior staff often make decisions, however small they might be without the administration's knowledge. Therefore, for effective business, the junior team must be involved in decisions and

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