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Report for Disaster Management Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Report for Disaster Management


Report for Disaster Response
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Report for Disaster Management
Disaster management is an important part of crisis management training for a trainee nurse. It involves the utilization and application of skills learnt in class as well as in practice to an emergency situation. Especially important for nurses tagging along in ambulances, this kind of nursing practice is crucial for saving lives at a moment’s notice. The given scenario is a car crash where a high-speed vehicle crashes into a shopping mall.
Response and Management to Accident
In some states, healthcare providers are responsible and legally obliged to assist a patient in the outdoor environment who has been harmed due to external incidents or natural calamities. In other states, nurses and paramedics who are off-duty have no legal obligation to do so. However, many healthcare professionals actively and willfully help patients in need even when they are off-duty. Some states also have the ‘Good Samaritan “law in their codes of law to provide immunity to nurses who helped an accident victim out of sympathy and for the sake of humanity (Nursing Times, 20018).

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