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Asian Country with Biggest Development Potential Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


Asian Country with Biggest Development Potential


Asian Country with Biggest Development Potential
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Asian Country with Biggest Development Potential
The Asian economy is made up of 60% of the global population (4.6 billion people) that live in forty-nine countries. There are six other states that are partly in Asia but politically and economically belong to other regions. Asia is deemed to have the fastest growing economy and its PPP and GDP Nominal are the largest in continental economy across the globe (Zhuang, 2016). Currently, the top five economies in the region include China, Japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia. Some of the world’s longest economic booms of modern times have happened in the region and they include China’s economic boom (1978–2013), India’s economic boom (1991–present), and the Japanese economic miracle (1950–1990) among others. The focus of this discussion is on Singapore as the country with the biggest development potential in Asia.

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