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Effects of Brexit on the European Union (EU). Essay (Essay Sample)


The essay analyses the Effect of Brexit on the EU, its impact and whether it is recommendable or not.


Effects of Brexit on the European Union (EU)
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Effects of Brexit on the European Union (EU)
Made up of 28 member countries, the European Union (EU) is powerful economic and political union which permits free trade and liberty of living, movement, working and studying in any of the EU countries. The UK joined the EU in 1973 and was apparently the first to exit on 31st January 2020 following a Brexit vote which saw the conservative party win 52 percent majority against opponents who accounted for 48 percent. Brexit poses great social, economic and political consequences to United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) at large. The severe implications could affect foreign policy, trade agreements as well as budget and appropriations. Proponents of Brexit however, argue that the exit was necessary for attaining economic interdependence, autonomy and immigration policies. This essay examines the effects of Brexit on the European Union (EU).
Effect of Brexit on the EU
Effect on the European Union foreign policy. The EU plays the role of promotes peace, trade and prosperity. However, Brexit vote posed a threat to migration consequently breeding travelling restrictions across Europe. Following Brexit, people might have to renew their passports while a visa may be required for longer work, study or stay. This additionally poses uncertainties to the UK students studying in the EU and EU students studying in the UK. Across the EU border entry points, there might be increased immigration checks. EU foreign policy is less of laws and more of cooperation and coordination. UK has benefitted from EU foreign policy with particular mentions in 2018 attack on Sergei Skripal (Wolff, 2019).

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