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Making Sales Presentations Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


information of things to consider before making a sales presentation


Making Sales Presentations by Entrepreneur Staff Summary
The article Making Sales Presentation posted on the Entrepreneur website, is an excellent source of information of things to consider before making a sales presentation. The senior article writer provides detailed information that is very useful for anyone with the desire to focus on the field. The article is sub-divided into four major detailed categories, that are further broken down into details.
The key/major focus elements of a successful Sales presentation according to the article, is rapporting, planning, determining the importance and confidence. It is a very important move for the person planning the pitch to equate themselves with the other side of the fence, as the prospect, this is mainly because, it gives another perspective to the presentation and helps one understand where they need to adjust. Second, the sales representative is required to determine and come up with factors that are much likely to persuade and motivate the other side with the sole purpose of making a sell. The sales person is also required to determine from the prospect factors like the weight assigned by the prospect to the products in relation to the time frame, relevance and benefits. The fourth key point as per the post is confidence. Without confidence in one’s self and the products being pitched, it is highly unlikely to justify the credibility of either and convince the prospect of the level of risk that they are getting involved in.

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