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How Will the Trade War and the US Rivalry With China Unfold? (Essay Sample)


Paper instructions

In 1,500 words, your final paper should address ONE of the following topics, which you are free to interpret broadly.
1. How will the trade war and the U.S. rivalry with China unfold?
2. Is China’s economic growth sustainable? Can its currency ever rival the dollar?
You may cite some sources just to spice up the homework.


How Will the Trade War and the US Rivalry With China Unfold?
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How Will the Trade War and the US Rivalry With China Unfold?
In the World Economic Forum 2020 that was recently concluded in Davos, one of the crucial highlights of the event was the ongoing US - China trade war and its destabilizing threat to the global economy. During the caucus, the United States signed a limited trade resolution with China in a bid to alleviate the dispute that has been brewing between them and resulted in the enforcement of sweeping tariffs on each other’s exports (Disis & Riley, 2020). However, the partial trade deal does not mean that uncertainty and bubbling conflicts over trade have stopped between the two global behemoths. It is quite clear that tensions between United States and China will continue in 2020 as Washington and Beijing begin their subsequent round of negotiations that are more likely to be extremely difficult than the first round. 
As expected, President Trump praised himself for championing Phase 1 of the trade negotiations deal as a significant milestone. White House officials are of the opinion that the agreement will diminish some tariffs and grant China the ability to bypass additional taxes on $160 billion of her goods. Furthermore, the Chinese government is expected to acquire billions of dollars worth of agricultural products while cracking down on the theft of intellectual property. 
Prima facie, this signed deal is a massively great step at breaking the ongoing stalemate that has existed in the past two years. However, both parties have been elusive in exposing more details about the agreement. Moreover, economists, trade experts, and other pundits remain concerned about whether the two nations can make significant headway on more critical issues if trade negotiations reach an impasse. The deal focuses on the harvest of the low-hanging fruit, but it does not indicate the end of the tensions between the two economic giants. With that said, several components must be understood to sufficiently prognosticate the trajectory of the US-China trade war.

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