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Construction economics. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


This was an article review with a focus on construction economics


Construction Economics
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Construction Economics
The future of the construction industry is pegged on technological advancement. Current developments in technology have enhanced developed of designs and improvement of the industry significantly leading to better designs and sophisticated efforts in dealing with the complexity of the industry. Future needs of the construction industry highlight an increased reliance on technology in place of humans for works. Concerns have emerged over the possible replacement of workers in the repetitive roles with machines. Tsang (2019, January 6) highlights the above problem indicating the growing changes with the use of virtual technologies in the construction industry. The level of innovation and its effect on the construction engineers is highlighted with the above article with an assessment of this revealing the changes poised to render a significant number of engineers jobless. As part of assessing the case study content, analysis of the background of the case, its analysis and recommendations are presented.
The article presents that traditional construction companies are currently building for the future based on the technology abilities and innovation. The affirmation made by the article is that the future of the construction industry is the inclusion of technology and innovation in the field to enhance the processes involved and output. 

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