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Chi-square Mathematics & Economics Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Discussing about the Chi-square


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Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit
Chi-Squared Goodness of fit test is a statistical model that is used to find the relations between the observed and expected values. In the test, the Goodness of fit is the basis for comparison of the distribution of the observed sample and expected probability. The Chi-square determines the relationship between theoretical distribution and the empirical distribution. Notably, the sample data is divided into intervals, where the numbers of points that fall into the range are compared to the expected numbers of points of each interval (Ross, 2017). Therefore, the model summarizes the discrepancy between observed and expected values in relation to the issue being investigated. The primary goal of Chi-Squared goodness fit is to test for the closeness of the observed values to those of the expected values in the fitted model.

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