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Linear algebra. Mathematics & Economics Assignment. (Essay Sample)


finding the solutions for the given equations


Question # 1...
Find the equation of the line using the information given. Write answers in slope-intercept form.
Perpendicular to x − 4y = 7, through the point (−5, 3) 
  Question # 2..
Find the midpoint of each segment with the given endpoints.
(5, 6), (6, −8)
* A short piece of writing on a given topic is known as essay.
* It is important to evaluate the given topic through extensive research.
* The writer should put his/her opinion after gathering adequate information.
* It is mainly composed of three parts - Introduction, the main body and the conclusion part.
Format of an essay
* 10% of the total word count is used to write the introduction of the essay where topic is discussed.
* For the main body of the essay, 70% to 80% of the total word count is used.
* For the conclusion part, 10% of the total word count is used.
* A written account on a particular topic is called a report.
* A report follows a strict formal structure and is written in a formal tone.
* It is an organized and formal writing that follows a specific structure. Unlike essay, it is written under several headings and sub headings. A report also includes an executive summary written at the beginning of the report.
Format of a report
* 10% of the total word count is allotted for the introduction part.
* The discussion part counts for 70% to 80% of the total word count. This part holds the main theme of the report. The discussion is ended by reaching a particular conclusion.
* 10% of the word count is used for conclusion.
Research Proposal
* A research proposal is a concise as well as a coherent summary of the proposed research. This summary is submitted to the University prior to conducting a research. When the proposal is accepted by the professor, the student needs to proceed with the dissertation.
Format of a research proposal-
Chapter 1: Introduction
10% of the total word count is used while writing this chapter. An introduction of the topic is given in this chapter of research proposal. The introduction chapter should include the below mentioned points:
1 Background of the study
2 Research Aims and Objectives
3 Objectives of the study
4 Research Questions
5 Problem Statement
6 Rationale of the study
7 Research Hypothesis
8 Proposed Structure of the Study
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Conducting a detail analysis of the existing theories and concepts related to the topic is the main aim of doing the literature review. Literature Review chapter must include the following points:
1 Introduction
2 Topic 1
3 Topic 2
4 Theories related to the topic
5 Conceptual framework
6 Summary of the chapter
It has to be mentioned here that more points and sub-points can be easily included in the literature review section.
Chapter 3: Research Methodology
It tells about the method that the researcher would follow at the time of conducting the research. 20% of the word count is provided in this chapter or the word count division mentioned by the student. This includes the following points:
1 Introduction
2 Method Outline
3 Research Opinion
4 Research Philosophy
5 Research Approach
6 Research Design
7 Data Collection Process
8 Sampling Method
9 Sample Size
10 Ethical consideration
Limitation of the Study
Summary of the chapter
Chapter 4: Time Table
 A time table is also given by the end of the research proposal. It indicates the approximate time required for conducting each step of the research.
* Dissertation is the research paper which a writer has to do by examining the topic of the study and reaching to a particular conclusion. A dissertation is usually divided into five or six chapters.
Format of a dissertation-
Chapter 1: Introduction
10% of the total word count is used in this portion and it has the following points:
1 Background of the study
2 Research Aims and Objectives
3 Objectives of the study
4 Research Questions

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