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Micro and microeconomics Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)




Macro and Microeconomics
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Micro and microeconomics
It positively is different this time around. The Corona Virus pandemic endures spreading throughout the world. The COVID-19 epidemic began in December of 2019 from China Wuhan city and is continually dispersing across the world, with the number of worldwide infections according to the World Health Organization standing at 6 799 713 cases with fatalities close to hitting the 400,000 marks by the time of drafting this paper in early June 2020. In contrast to previously experienced global predicaments, this time the world is facing more than a few new encounters which completely deny the possibility for a comparison to the past:
* It is a global pandemic
* It is not concentrated on low-middle income countries
* The world is much more integrated
* This current crisis is generating spillover effects throughout supply chains
* We have simultaneous destruction of demand and supply

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