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Nutrien Inc. Market analysis Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


Strategies to use to improve the company stock price and calculating the actual stock price using Gordon's growth model


Nutrien Ltd.
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If you were the CEO of the corporation what would be your recommendations or what would you do different to improve the stock price?
Nutrien is a well-established company within the agricultural sector has done great for itself when it comes to maintaining stock prices. The management at Nutrien has focused on the broad agricultural value chain at their exposure as well as the financial strength and stability.
Well if I were given the position of CEO at Nutrien, I would really focus on the business growth model and put much emphasis on green efficiency. Green efficiency geared toward the modes of energy used in the manufacturing and processing plant and invest in technology that is time and energy-efficient. Green energy efficiency is the way to go moving into the future and am sure this would save a great deal in terms of production expenditure (NUTRIEN INC., 2017). The regulation on production expenditure would definitely have a great impact on the general revenue growth rate meaning an improvement in the stock prices for Nutrient shareholders and potential investors.

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