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Statistical and Systematic Errors and the Importance of Sampling (Essay Sample)


Responding to other students arguements


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Response to Kendra
I agree with you, Kendra, that statistical and systematic errors were the two major problems with the election polls of 2016. As you say, the two problems influenced how the election was perceived and how the results came out. That plays directly into the article by Ethan Siegel (2016). Brilliant! Statistical errors skewed the prediction of the outcome because not enough people were polled to allow a comprehensive forecast of the election results. It is true, as you say, that if more prospective voters were polled, the error margins would become negligible than when few were polled. Indeed, systematic errors also came about as a result of inaccurate or flawed data collection whereby the people sampled did not reflect the real views of prospective voters. These two errors led to false predictions that did not reflect the

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