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Deforestation (Essay Sample)


This is a one page paper on deforestation as an environmental issue. It describes why the issue is important and what could be done to effect change. It is specific and provides links or resources to convince classmates, as per the client instructions.

Deforestation refers to the lasting forests destruction in an event to create land for other human processes. This phenomenon occurs all over the world and is increasing gradually despite of the efforts in place to reduce deforestation. Some of the affected countries include DRC in Africa, Brazil and Indonesia among others.
Causes of deforestation
A number of causes for this phenomenon exist including cutting down trees to use as fuel, rapid urbanization that demands more land for construction of houses, timber harvesting for commercial purposes like paper mills, home construction and furniture, creation of highly costly ingredients consumer items like oil from palm trees and creation of land for cattle ranching among others. Methods employed in deforestation include clear cutting of trees and setting forests on fire. These controversial practices live the soil and land barren completely.
Deforestation effects
Loss of some species: research shows that over 70% world flora and fauna inhabit forests hence are gradually losing habitats as a result of deforestation. Lack of a suitable habitat leads to extinction of a given species. Locals who rely of indigenous forests for hunting food and medicine are also at a risk.
Water cycle: Trees absorb rainfall as well as release produced water vapor into the atmosphere and lessen water pollution via stopping of contaminated overspill.
Soil erosion: extensively growing tree roots provide anchorage to the the soil. Minus trees the free soil is washed away leading to flora growth hitches. Scientists estimate that 1/3 of the earth’s arable land has undergone deforestation since the year 1960. Clearing of trees and planting cash crops like coffee will cause more soil erosion since their roots do not hold firmly the soil. Soil erosion may also silt to enter lakes and o...
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