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Why Global Warming Should Be Prevented (Essay Sample)


in two pages paper provide reasons why global warming should be prevented


Why Global Warming Should Be Prevented
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Global warming is increasing at a high rate as a result of the increased production of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Urgent actions need to be put in place to control the superficially global problem. According to Lukenbill & Immroth, global warming is mainly caused by human activities (to Lukenbill & Immroth, 2010). A lot of side effects have been experienced as a result of global warming. If green house emission is not monitored and reduced and due measures implemented, then the world is likely to face the wrath of global warming. Acknowledgement done by The President of America, Barack Obama alone is not enough. Governments should ensure that they deal with the issue of global warming appropriately. In addition, dealing with global warming will ensure that the short-term and long-term healthier and conducive environment for habitat is achieved. The following are some of the side effects that have been experienced due to Global warming. One, Global warming has contributed to slow development in some countries. Secondly, green house gas is a threat to health. Three, food security has been compromised as well. Next, Solar variation and climate sensitivity has increased because of global warming.
Food Insecurity
Food falls in the category of organism basic need. Scarcity of food in most cases has led to loss of many lives; be it in plants or animals. Global warming is one of the threats to food security in any countries. Research carried out by Naomi Klein proves that global warming has led to food insecurity because of its effect on weather stability (Klein, 2012). Unfavorable climate cannot give conducive environment for agricultural activities. Farmers on the other hand have to experience the peril of extreme weather condition. As a result, the level of food production had reduced beyond measure and it is a fundamental cultural centerpiece. Governments should help prevent the death impacts by ensuring they prevent global warming. This will ensure that our environments are favorable for the crops to thrive and serve human population.
Greenhouse Gas effects and Health
According to Moriarty & Honnery, Global warming is a threat to our atmosphere. This is because of the accumulation of various dangerous gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Moriarty & Honnery, 2011). These dangerous gases result to ground topography. In addition, changes in the environmental and ecological surroundings have been negatively impacted due to global warming. As a result, Global warning has led to infectious disease that affects life due to heat stress (Lukenbill & Immroth, 2010). There should be a means of ensuring that global warming is curbed. Reduction of global warming will in turn reduce infection of respiratory tracks due to breathing of poisonous gases.
Slowed Development
Development of any country is always rated by the infrastructure. Some countries have experienced slowed development due to Global warming. Global warming has led to temperature variations. This variation in temperature has impacted negatively on the infrastructure. Eventually, Airport runway; pipelines; roads and railway lines have experienced damage. The repercussion of global warming to the infrastructure is seen to impact negatively on the developed counties. If nothing is done to curb the monster “Global Warming” then...
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