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Environmental Law, Crime, and Justic Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Project description
Lynch, Michael J., Burns, Ronald G., & Stretesky, Paul. (2014). 
Environmental law, crime, and justice (Second ed.). El Paso, TX: LFB Scholarly Publishing.
Chapter 2 of Lynch discusses several environmental crime theories. Discuss which theory you believe is the BEST and which you believe is the WORST in explaining environmental crimes. Citations from the above book are required!


Environmental Crime Theories
Institutional Affiliation
According to Lynch et al. (2014), there are several theories that expound on the tenets governing environmental crimes. Lynch highlights the underlying principles that form the basic framework of these theories. This paper seeks to point out theories which best describe environmental crime and which describes it the worst (p.66)
The Marxist theory, for instance, has a prime proposition that resource allocation and distribution between distinct levels (or classes) are not equal. Marxist theory affirms that the link between capitalism and resources is biased and inequitable and hence increasing the probability of occurrences of environmental crime. Marxists narrow to class divergence and contrast and the merits bequeathed to individuals who have great social influence. As per the Marxist theorists, the essence and presence of laws do not necessarily imply that firm or bodies that contravene the environmental acts will face the full force and penalty. According to this theory vantage point, laws permit incredible levels of destruction to mushroom prior to imposing any serious fines or penalties. This is done to promote capitalism. The Marxist Theory perfectly describes environmental crimes since it uniquely elaborates what propagates it and hence I vote it the best theory propounded in this chapter (Lynch, Burns, & Stretesky, 2014).
Environmental Racism theory highlighted by Lynch has a proponent that displays a relationship between environmental integrity, justice and racism. Environmental Racism Theory affirms that environmental vandalism and abuse is not equally dispersed, shared or distributed across different races. Lynch et al. (2014) affirms that fundamental tenets such as environmental wastes, pollution and products eradication have far-reach...
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