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Environmental Science Essay Questions (Essay Sample)


This is an environmental science paper the first 4 essay questions only a page each using references from a book given as an attachment by the customer.

Four environmental science essay questions only a page each
Additional sustainability benefits of Political policy action
In addition to the reduction of carbon emissions, fossil fuel extraction focus is believed inevitable as well as of net beneficial in other aspects. The focus directs diagnostic and political consideration further to wider decisions, institutions as well as incentives conspiring to exhume hydrocarbons that are safe in the ground permanently. Therefore, curtailing extraction is also considering deliberately reducing a valuable resource which in turn rations and prompting its use priorities. This will also lead to serious consideration of renewable energy, parity, conservation and environmental justice hence creation of local and global institutions that champion sustainability. The policy also questions before anything fossil fuel allocation ethics to be considered to reverse the course and establish a sustainable community of co-existence since a check on the resistance and abolition fossil fuel politics to ascertain the after fossil energy world.
Economically sustainability is favored by the political policy or strategies. As noted, countries that are extracting fossil fuel have been less democratically grown, fewer women opportunities, recurrent civil wars and unstable economically especially in third world countries. The countries have grown poorer than they were in a period of thirty years ago. A country’s oil wealth is likely to be misused if it has a high need for additional income since it has a weak poor economy, a situation called the oil wealth irony. If the political strategy to leave fossil fuels in the ground is a success then the opposite is true to oil-rich countries. The question as to whether to continue using fossil fuels or increase their rates until exhausted meets the opposition of the political policy due to fossil nuclear warfare that has left those countries with no future. The prices on economic and social spheres are clear and higher for the generations to come. With the political policy, fossil fuel power players and negative influence on security, social and economic may be curtailed (Princen, 2015).
Corporation 2020 and sustainable economic or market solutions
Corporation 2020 is future project scrutinizing economic edifices based on environmental impact and demonstrates green economy delivery profitably on human well bring minus causing environmental jeopardy. Environmental boundaries are rapidly being breached in freshwater, climate, coral losses, forests and ocean acidification among others. To achieve sustainable development goals, a green economy is needed and to arrive at the green economy we have to change the corporation as the economy’s primary factor business. For these to be achieved, four distinct approaches are enumerated namely: disclosure of corporate externalities, imposing taxation on extraction of resources, ratification of limits on financial influence and ensuring that advertisements are liable. Today’s universal corporation and its future evolution into a powerful global evolution to a green economy will be set in motion and take shape through these actions.
This transition can only be guided by the Corporation 2020 as per Sukhdev as laid out in the viable steps and transformations with examples of already-emerging new green economy leaders in India, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Britain and elsewhere in the world. Sukhdev continues that the transformations in corporate governance, innovation management, accounting, technology, social, distribution channels and ecological resources ought to happen by 2020. I personally agree that these are among the crises that are driving the human evolution plus the present numerous breakdowns that drive the inventions we are experiencing in the scientific world and their correspondent impacts on the environment. Evident are the increasing human numbers, water-based constraints, resources and land, the entire present driving innovations, high energy and equipment effectiveness, novel stratagems to education workforce, marketing and advertising to progressively wary customers (Sukhdev, 2012).
Technological optimism
Under Solar Radiation Management, technological optimism denotes the moving beyond theorizing on global control of climate to actual technological establishment and deployment to neutralize the CO2 double heating by deflecting a given percentage sum of sun energy striking the earth’s surface. On the other hand, under Carbon Dioxide Removal, technological optimism refers to actualization of global climate control theories through development and use of technologies to clear CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the air, control oceanic acidification as well as other high CO2 concentration disruptions.
Picking the carbon dioxide removal, there are land-based opportunity and ocean-based opportunity scheme divisions. For land ideas, mechanical Carbon (IV) Oxide scrubbers are widely known and have high hopes of pulling large carbon (IV) oxide quantities from the air, different from carbon storage and capture approaches applied in flue gas CO2 removal escaping from fossil fuel driven machines. One of such inventions is a functioning prototype manufactured Carbon Engineering Company in Alberta. Another land-based scheme is biomass carbon sequencing applied during tilling to enable absorption and storage of carbon in the soil. A major difficult here is finding adequate land for such approaches which directly stifles the efforts. On the other side, ocean ideas involve the famous ocean seeding taking advantage of the natural phytoplankton process where the plant intake atmospheric carbon. Later, these planktons die and sink deep into the floor of the ocean. Provided with optimal conditions, the contained carbon remain in a benign form for so long, let us say centuries hence hope for geoengineering carbon consuming phytoplankton blooms. The challenge is mixed results have been realized from such inventions on practicality (Nicholson, 2013).
Cultural and behavioral change [behavior-impact gap and the steps to overcome it]
According to Annie Leonard,...
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