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Land uses and Deforestation (Essay Sample)


population and land use.explains how the human beings use the scarce resource land in resulting to desertification/deforestation


Land Needs
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Land Needs
In the present area needs the population up to billions of people with newborns each year. People’s demand for food and housing is high. Living in the same space with more births competing for the limited land and its productivity. Human beings compete for natural resources with other organisms like wild vegetation, animals, and human-made forestry and other creations on land (Pulsipher L.M, Pulsipher A, & Goodwin C. M 2015). 
With much know-how on medicine, the mortality rate has gone down, resulting in pressure on the fixed land. With prolonged life span, prime areas once occupied by forests have been cleared for residential purposes and other life supporting amenities like schools, roads, hospitals, and playgrounds. This rate of population increase has made the forest destruction an inevitable affair. About 747 thousand world’s forests are destroyed for this purpose. (Southgate D. D. W.1998). 
Though there exist ways to check on this rate, people are still avoiding them. Through using old buildings, to save on the trees destroyed in constructing new ones have been abandoned. This due to hard process and costly in maintaining hence people find new ones cheap. Governments are at problems in implementing the slow rate of forest destruction. Officials tend to like money than seeing the importance of saving the forest reserves. (Southgate D. D. W.1998). 
Making wise decisions amongst ourselves can help control the forest destruction rate just by following legislations strictly in place. Tree planting projects can ensure the restoration of the aesthetic value of destroyed forests. Setting settlement schemes and cultivation areas can create more space required forest expansion and preservation. Ab...
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