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Addressing Violence against Children by Counselling (Essay Sample)


The paper is about Violence against Children. it is mainly addressing violence related issues that affect children.


Addressing Violence against Children by Counselling
There are wide spectrums of philosophical and methodological approaches to counselling young children who have been abused violently in families or care institutions. Nevertheless, these philosophies must coincide with the best practices in their approaches and must seek to yield the best and optimal solutions for the children in the light of the wider perspective of their homes and households where they belong. Physical and violent attack on children can come with a lot of social and consequences for the children. Children who have been intensely assaulted may suffer grave pain and trauma which might have longer and more protracted efforts because children have poor judgement and they require love and care to grow into effective adults.
The humanistic and integrative approaches are the most suited with the conditions presented by a child who has been through violence. This is true because these philosophies enable the integration of various theoretical bases in the determination of the extent of the impact of the experience on the child and viable solutions to affecting a remedy (Furniss, 2013). The theories also address the base causes that elicited the attack on the child and how the base causes can be addressed. The humanistic approach is a very exhaustive approach that addresses social problems and psychological problems as a compound fact. Moreover, with an integrative perspective, various tools of counselling, correction and punishment, treatment, social learning can be put together to address the problems presented by the child.
Various cultures and societies proscribe various mechanisms in which parents and children interact conventionally. In this regard, the necessity to take into account such principles during the therapy is paramount because the individuals cannot be extracted from their social and economic circumstances with the therapy. Therapy therefore ought to take into account the humanistic and ethnographic bases of the background of the clients before a prescription is sought for the clients. Even after such a consideration is done, care must still be taken to ensure the suggestions and recommendations of the therapist are sustainable and authentic to the problem circumstances.
Physical abuse involves the infliction of unwarranted excessive pain on a child for whatever reasons that are not legally instituted whether at home or within institutions of learning or correction. Nonetheless, violence on children is a compound terminology that takes into consideration all unwarranted harm inflicted on children including sexual abuse, child pornography and child trafficking. Physical abuse in particular has the possibility of making the child lose trust on the persons charged with their care like parents or guardians (Selph et al, 2013). Adverse psychological consequences might result from the fact that such children might opt not to seek the help of their caretakers or worse they might secretly indulge in self endangering habits to escape the shame and exasperation emanating from their supposed careg...
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