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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers (Essay Sample)


Opinioned essay on the advantages and disadvantages of computers.
computers do not have intelligence as much as humans have. A computer is a machine that is controlled by humans but does not have emotions as humans do. The computers cannot make decisions on their own at certain moments. If computers get wrong or improper instructions, then the result will be wrong. In my opinion, computer users should use less of their time on entertainment and instead use computers for working or learning.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers; Opinion Essay
In the digital age of computers, there are many benefits and disadvantages of using computers. A computer is used by humans in day-to-day activities. In my opinion, if a person is aware of the benefits and drawbacks of computers, they will commit to them for productive activities such as work and education. A computer is a small, powerful, automated machine designed for human use. It operates and processes a bulk number of complex instructions and commands at breakneck speed. We use a computer to complete tasks efficiently, with diligence, and with total accuracy for our daily work. It saves time, energy, and overall cost to complete a specific task.
Computers produce a large number of money-making opportunities and jobs every year. People with unique skills, expertise, and talents can earn money online. In recent years of digital advancements in technology, the demand for computer professionals has grown with many businesses and organizations requiring the services of computer experts, professionals. A computer’s memory is more capacitated than that of humans. Audio, video, image, and text can be stored inside the computer hardware as per the needs at any given time. Many business companies take advantage of the storage capacity of computers to maintain their accounts.
Along with the advantages of computers, there are disadvantages too. Data hacking on the computer is always hovering. Viruses, malware, stealing personal data, stealing passwords, stealing payment detail can be done through cyber-attacks. Hackers can do anything with our personal or social data stored in the computers if it gets under control in their hands. They can delete or damage the data or even misuse it. Hackers can break the firewall of a user interface and gain unauthorized access to a computer system. This can harm people financially like stealing details of people’s credit cards and bank accounts, or even socially like leaking of sensitive data from significant associations. A computer user has the responsibility of preventing the possibility of hacks and virus attacks by installing antivirus software and only using secure computer connections.
People continue to use computers throughout work, and especially so for those whose duties require online commitment. Such long-term activity on their computers can lead to health problems including poor eyesight, fatigue, overweight issu

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