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Case Study about Abnormal Psychology (Essay Sample)


I was instructed to write 800 words based on a rubric the client sent.


Abnormal Psychology Case Study
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Abnormal Psychology Case Study
Gary's life events, symptoms, and indications point to a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Anxiety syndrome caused by tension, uneasiness, and concern. Gary's worries aren't tied to a specific issue or circumstance; that's a fear. They stem from financial responsibilities, business troubles, his wife's sickness, and his position as a provider. His anxiety is less than a panic attack, yet it still surpasses typical worrying levels. His physical, emotional, personal, and professional status are all declining, indicating the severity of his psychiatric illness. Anxiety looks to be affecting his employment, social life, and pastimes.
The DSM IV criteria were used to examine the symptoms that resulted to this diagnosis. Axis 1 usually focuses on clinical problems. No acute symptom like an episode, panic attack, or schizophrenic incident needed treatment. Since Gary did not disclose any such incidents, this axis is irrelevant. In reality, GAD is unrelated to other Axis I illnesses including social phobia, PTSD, and OCD. GAD sufferers should not experience these Axis I symptoms, according to the DSM IV criteria (Section D) (APA, 2000).
It addresses personality, behavioral, and cognitive issues. Gary hasn't claimed that he lacks brains. Beyond his developmental difficulties. His personality trait is not linked to his issues or symptoms.The patient's symptoms should not be connected to a pervasive developmental, psychotic, or mood illness, as per DSM IV diagnostic criteria (part F). No personality or health disorders exist in Gary, therefore he is eligible for GAD.
It focuses on neurological or physiological issues that might impact mental issues. Gary is healthy. No neurological problem is mentioned in the case study. According to Section F of the DSM IV criteria for GAD, a person must not have a general physical disease that causes the psychological problems. Axis IV focuses on biological and socioeconomic issues that may affect an individual's life. In GAD, a person frets or becomes worried about these stresses for six months (Section of DSM IV criteria for GAD). Gary says he is concerned about his career and personal lives. First, the weakening economy is impacting his earnings and savings. His clients rarely pay on time, therefore his

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