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Causes of Conflict between Police and the Public and Relational Power Theory and Conflict Resolution (Essay Sample)


Wrting on Conflict and Power


Conflict and Power
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Conflict and Power
Causes of Conflict between Police and the Public
There are numerous causes of the strained relationship between the police and the communities. However, the primary reasons for conflict between the police and the public are the mutual mistrust between police and the public, excessive force by the police, misconduct by the police, especially with minority groups and the racial profiling associated with it (Morris, 2015). Mistrust is the first reason why the parties cannot trust the other; therefore, mistrust leads to both parties' suspicions. Also, high handles of law enforcement is a major problem. When the police are brutal in dealing with the community members, there is always a feeling of resentment and hate towards the police. At the same time, misconduct with the police is a problem, especially when it relates to minority communities. Law enforcement sometimes does not follow protocol and guidelines when dealing with minority groups. They are arrested and charged without due process. Such breed hatred. Racial profiling is another major problem, especially with people of colour. Such practices by the police set the community against the police leading to escalation of hostilities between the public and the police.
How Perception Affects Police 

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