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Challenges college student face Psychology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The main aim of this essay is to identify some of the common challenges that college students face.


Dennis Mochobe
3rd May,2020
Challenges that College Students Face
According to Porter et al., college life is highly changing to almost all students. In this case, the students are required to deal with their roommates, meal plans, personal finances and peer pressure. At times the students will find it difficult in making decisions. Regardless of how prepared the students can be, they will still be shocked that they are on their own in handling many of the stress dealing with college life. This is why many of them get overwhelmed due to the sudden change of environment (150). One of the major challenges that many students face in college is peer pressure. In this essay the students will get to know how they can overcome it.
Peer pressure refers to the influence or pressure exerted from the students peers such that they start acting in different way compared to what they are used to. Many of the decisions the students made at this stage end up affecting their future life. Peer pressure can be categorized into two levels that is:
* Negative pressure
* Positive pressure.

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