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Cognitive Impacts of Technology on Mobile Users (Essay Sample)


The paper addressed the cognitive impacts of technology on mobile users. As such, the paper was focused on attentional disorders, most notably ADHD, in children and teenagers using smartphones. To illustrate how smartphones impact children and teenagers' cognitive impacts, the essay discussed how such electronic gadgets harm users’ ability for thought, memory, attention and emotions. The discussion established the positive and negative impacts on the cognitive function of teenagers and children using smartphones for a long. Finally, the discussion indicated the possibility of smartphone usage as a research tool to further establish its implications on users’ cognitive function and mental health issues like ADHD.


Addressing a Cognitive Phenomenon Relating to Technology
Addressing a Cognitive Phenomenon Relating to Technology
Smartphones have spread across human life and have become more adept at augmenting or even replacing certain mental tasks. Smartphones can be utilized for various cognitive tasks and satiate most human affective impulses. They can be used as duty extends, schedule calendars, directories, tip computations, compasses, gaming devices, and much more (Wilmer et al., 2017). While cell phones are recognized as powerful devices that, when used appropriately, can improve human cognition, regular use of such gadgets may harm users' ability for thought, memory, attention, and emotional control.
A concern that goes beyond smartphones is the development of attentional disorders, most notably ADHD, in kids and teenagers. When combined with the rise in the use of multimedia devices, this connection might be seen as evidence of a causal link (Wilmer et al., 2017). Teenagers today, for whom the majority of social interactions occur online, have many compelling motives and opportunities to interact with digital technology. These trends have increased worries that regular use of these devices may lower attentional capacity, leading to shorter attention spans and disorganized behaviors in people who rely on smartphones the most (Wilmer et al., 2017). The current generation of children and teenagers displays shorter attention spans due to greater exposure to smartphone technology and its use at a young age.
While it appears as though having ready access to an infinite store of knowledge should improve cognition, the technology industry's rapid 

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