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Collaboration with Child and Community (Essay Sample)

Collaboration with Parents and Community Name Institution Affiliation Author Note Collaboration with Parents and Community Introduction Child development is described as the sequence of emotional, thought, language and physical changes which occurs in a kid from the time of birth to the start his or her adulthood. Events mostly influence children development are during parental life and genetic factors. It is also affected by the kids learning capacity and environmental factors. It generally includes sensory awareness, physical skills, language and speech, emotional regulation and social interaction and finally cognition. It is vital for parents and childhood development professionals to understand that monitoring and observing the child’s development is an essential tool in ensuring that the kids meet their developmental milestones. Therefore as an educator for early childhood development, it is necessary for identifying vital resources around our communities to develop education programs and quality early care to support children’s development within the community. Hence the ability of the profession in identifying and evaluating resources for credibility and quality is vital. One of the community resources that can be adapted is the childcare solutions. Also, families and early childhood professions can implement two virtual tools, and that is PBS Parents and Early Childhood News resources in support for children development. Hence the paper will discuss these resources and their importance in children development. One of the community resource that the early childhood educator can share with the parents in support of the children’s development are the Child Care Solutions. It is a local referral agency that is located on the eastern side of the Syracuse in the central of New York (Ansell, 2016). It is a community resource that serves the Onondaga County and all its nearby areas through Syracuse location, online websites and satellites locations. The childcare solutions is a community resource that works best in supporting the community, early childhood educators and parents with the tools and resources they require to provide credible and high-quality care for the children. Through the Child Care Solutions determinations, the works and the community have access to various childhood care related services (Ansell, 2016). It is a community resource that supports the workers by offering referral services and childcare resources, ongoing support to the families, and family and work presentations on kid’s development topics. It is a resource that supports the entire community through community education and public policy. The resources provide services and tools such as brochures, pamphlets, educational flyers, workshops, research and reports to the community members and early childhood professionals in educating them regarding better and high-quality care of the children with the community (“Child Care Solutions”). Furthermore, Child Care Solutions provides support and training for kids care providers and programs. Information on the child care on financial aid and also referrals to the kids care programs. Some of the programs the agency contains includes Customer Information and Child Care Referrals, Child Care Provider Services and Registration and Child Care Provider Training and Educational Programs. Likewise, Child Care Solutions Provides consultation on the mental health of early childhood for the community preschools (“Child Care Solutions”). The consultants work collaboratively with families, education staff and early care to improve their ability to prevent, responding and identifying mental health problems among the kids in their care. It also helps the preschool staff to apply these interventions to students effectively. It helps to provide families and children in need with the support and guidance and also reduce expulsion (“Child Care Solutions”). Also, they provide services such as initial assessment and observation of the kid within the child care settings, in-service training for the staff members and even the referrals to the community resources (Keenan et al. 2016). Hence as an educator will use the resource by conducting more research and coordinating with the agency in learning more oh how to provide quality care through taking into consideration keep indicators of proving quality care (Keenan et al. 2016). For the parents will provide awareness and education to parents on my community regarding the Child Care Solutions agency, its essentials and how they can get access to the agency to improve their ability to support credible and quality child development within the community. For example, parents can gain access and more information about the agency through regulated programs and Child Care Providers in Cayuga and Onondaga Countries (Keenan et al. 2016). One of the virtual resources that early childcare educator can share with the parents to support children’s development is the PBS Parents. It is a trusted resource which is filled with data and information on early learning and child development (“PBA Parents”). PBS Parents resources serve as the parent’s widow within the PBS Kids world, by offering multiple access to the activities and educational games that are inspired by the PBS Kids programs. PBS Parents is also a virtual resource that contains various categories that help parents in understanding ways of dealing with their children’s and enhance child development (“PBS Parents”). Some of the categories include birthday parties, child development, education such as reading and language or music and art, fun and games such as online games. Also, there is crafts and activities, food and fitness such as how kids should...
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