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Comparing Gottfredson's Theory Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Compare Gottfredson′s theory with Super′s Theory. Discuss the strengths and limitations of both perspectives in terms of how they can assist individuals in vocational adjustme


Comparing Gottfredson's Theory
Comparing Gottfredson's Theory
Gottfredson's theory shows how people's career process develops and matches over time and explores the relations of psychological and sociological factors that establish career decisions. On the other hand, Super′s theory focuses on an individual's life course through different social roles like work verse family. Individuals differ in vocational adjustment, for instance, personality and abilities. Therefore, this essay's primary purpose is to compare Gottfredson's theory with Super′s theory and discuss their strengths and limitations regarding how they can help individuals in vocational adjustment.  
Comparison of Gottfredson's Theory with Super′s Theory
Gottfredson (2005) alleged that career choice is a progression requiring a high level of cognitive expertise, while Super recommended that career development and selection create and implement an individual's self-idea. According to Gottfredson's theory, cognitive development and growth help change a cognitive plan of conceptions and vocational of self-used to assess diverse vocational alternatives' suitability. Additionally, Super noted that self-idea results from complex connections among various components, including physical and mental development, individual encounters, natural qualities, and incitement (Gottfredson, 2005)

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