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Psychological Effects of Modern Technology on Children’s Development (Essay Sample)


Psychological Effects of Modern Technology on Children’s Development


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Psychological Effects of Modern Technology on Children’s Development
Today, there is a significance rise in the use of technology tools such as computers, tablets and mobile phones in the world. Although innovation of this technology tools has been of benefit to people in many ways, it has negatively affected our children’s psychological development. This paper will put emphasis on the negative effects of technology use to psychological development of children.
Currently, children use more technology compared to children in 1990 and this rising usage of technology among children today has raised concerns across the world. Studies show that digital technology has significantly boosted children’s talent for multitasking, however, their ability to process information deeply has been impaired (Carpenter, 2000). The main components of technology that are having greatest negative effect on their psychological development include: video games, television/media, and computers. This has led to increased numbers of obesity cases among children, violence and a general reduced interaction of children with their parents.

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