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German Idealism Psychology Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


The german idealism and Immanuel kant's phylosophies


German Idealism and Immanuel Kant
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German Idealism and Immanuel Kant
German Idealism began in the 1780s and lasted through the 1840s. The set of metaphysical perceptions that focused on viewing reality as inseparable the human mental recreation of the objects in the environment (Gentry & Pollok, 2019). That is, the reality of an object or a person was only a mental composition composed of the reconstructed ideas relating to the actual thing or individual. Schelling, Fitches, and Kant were some of the most famous representatives of the German Idealism movement. They all shared a commitment to Idealism despite their significant ideological differences. Below is a discussion of the origin and common principles of German Idealism and Immanuel Kant’s philosophy on reality and perception.

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