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Career Paper Psychology Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


I need information for Houston, Texas attorneys. I want to attend the University of Houston Law Center. The paper must be completed in APA formatting.


An Attorney in Houston, Texas
Section 1: Attorney
The selected career is that of an attorney representing clients in Houston, Texas. The duties include communicating with the clients on legal matters, interpret to the client all the proceedings, and offer advice when needed. It is also the responsibility of an attorney to inform clients about their roles, especially pertaining to providing credible information that enhances the success of the case. The professional skills include the ability to listen, critically analyze information, and apply existing law to make sound judgments (, 2019). Comprehensive skills and deductive reasoning are also mandatory for attorneys because they enhance good judgment. For one to become a competent attorney, he or she must have experience. Firstly, the person needs an undergraduate pre-law undergraduate education. One is required to attend an American Bar Association-approved law school. Therefore, before getting into a law school in Texas, one has to have completed a bachelor’s degree from an approved school. Attorneys are also expected to have obtained Juris doctorate (J.D.) from a law school, have job experience, at a reputable firm to gain competence, and be up-to-date.

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