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Sigmund Freud's Perception of Narcissism Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


The student was instructed to discuss sigmund freud's perception of narcissism.


Freud’s Perception of Narcissism
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Freud’s Perception of Narcissism
Sigmund Freud, a psychoanalyst of the early twentieth century, was known for his attempt to explain how unconscious motives govern human behaviour. He developed time-honoured theories that gave psychology a psychodynamic approach. Among these notions was his acuity on the concept of narcissism that is a matter of debate till today. This paper divulges his understanding of narcissism, bringing his ideas on the topic to light.
1914 was a significant year in the development of his philosophy on the topic. In the work, he introduces narcissism as the admiration one accords themselves for being an object of sexual desire (Cratsley, 2016). He regards it as some sort of psychosis. On the contrary, he also suggests that everyone has a certain level of narcissism throughout their growth. He further clarifies it in two stages: primary and secondary narcissism. Using relevant examples, he gives a clear-cut comparison between the two phases.

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