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Human Learning Psychology Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


pLEASE READ 2 CHAPTERS THAT I WILL ATTACH AND THE ENCLOSED TWO ARTICLES. write a summary of each article and identify the target behaviour.


Human Learning
Date of Submission
Articles’ Summary
The article by Claire et al. (2017) targets disruptive behavior among second-grade children in elementary school. Four children with disruptive behavior, an experienced teacher, and a school consultant took part in the study. This study aimed to reduce disruptive behavior in class. To achieve this objective, the researchers used a classroom management strategy to minimize disruptive behavior among children. The researchers used various classroom interventions, including behavior-specific praise, an interdependent group contingency, and teacher feedback. The results showed that disruptive behavior could be reduced using behavior-specific praise and awarding the students. I think the strategies used in this study can reduce disruptive behavior among students in elementary school because proper classroom management ensures that all students behave appropriately. Specific praise and awarding students who demonstrate good behavior make other students behave the same to be praised and rewarded next time. Praising is one form of positive reinforcement because students know that they will be awarded or honored when they act in a particular manner (Application of Behaviorist Principles).

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