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Hemophilia Psychology Essay Research Coursework Paper (Essay Sample)




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The genetic or environmental factor discussed is traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury is a sudden injury in the brain initiated by a blow or a joint to the head. These injuries can range from small or mild or concussions to severe brain damage. Primary injury is the one that occurs at the moment of impact. In contrast, secondary injury is the type of injury that occurs as a result of the body’s provocative reaction to the primary injury. A primary injury can affect a lobe of the brain or can become worse and affect the whole brain (Chen, 2007). Immediately after the accident, the person may be confused, lose consciousness, and have a blurry vision. This sets a stage for antimicrobial-resistant superbug to play a role in humanity’s future. Specialists in the government predict that trauma will be causing death worldwide by killing millions of people yearly. From the research, a large number of American antibiotics are used in hospitals. A concussion is a small head injury that can result in a brief loss of consciousness and usually doesn't cause a permanent head injury. Diffuse axonal injury is the stretching of the nerve cells at the cellular cells (Gavett, 2010). It happens when the brain immediately moves back and forth inside the skull hence causing damaging of the nerve axons.

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