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Narcissism by Freud Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Discuss Freud's concept of Narcissism


Narcissism by Freud
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Narcissism by Freud
Narcissism is an extreme admiration of or excessive interest in oneself or one’s physical appearance. Under this topic, Freud focused more on narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is a condition that causes individuals to develop overt feelings of self-importance and inflated sense of nonexistent achievements. One of the primary effects of NPD is that it drives one to seek admiration and attention from others while they lose empathy for everyone except themselves (Campbell, 2011). Freud considers love and sex as the leading cause of narcissism. He explains that as one grows from childhood to adulthood, narcissism gradually develops in them. During childhood, one experiences both ego-libido and object-libido. The two components of psychoanalysis represent self-love and love for others. As one becomes an adult, the two narcissistic features should separate and become distinct. However, some people experience a reversion of the object-libido meant for others to themselves. The reversion of the object-libido creates an imbalance between the two components, and it is this in-equilibrium in one that creates narcissism.

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