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Self-Esteem And Impression Management. Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


the task is on self esteem and impression management
student required to give personal examples to illustrate impression management, social tuning, social comparisons, mindsets, intrinsic/extrinsic motivation or causal theories.


Self-Esteem And Impression Management.
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Self Esteem and Impression Management
Impression management is a determined attempt to control or influence the way other people‘s view. This could be their view concerning a particular person (including self), material possession or an event. This influence is followed to align with an individual’s goal. An example I being a secretary when talking with my boss I make sure that my tone is managed so that it reflects that I respect him. Also, my words have to be clear and precise. In their literature review, Mark R. Leary and Robin M. Kowalski state that people have an ongoing interest in the way other people feel about them and evaluate them which is true, one is always willing to go an extra mile to please others (Pearce, 2015).
Social tuning: is the exercise by which people adopt other people’s attitudes, the theory explains the way in which a person takes another person attitude or opinion regarding a particular subject. It is correct to say that two cannot walk together unless they agree therefore what brings them together is a social bond that can be strengthened and fortified through a feeling sense of shared beliefs.  

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