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Human Resource Management and the Role of Psychology in the Profession (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you are required to use your research skills, you are required to conduct some research into the employment prospects of psychology graduates. You are to select one career relevant to psychology and discuss this in-depth. You must include a minimum of two appropriate academic citations, correctly referenced, within your submission. It is important that you use reputable academic sources in your written work. The word count is 2000 words.
Research online and report on a career that is relevant to psychology. You must include the following within your assignment:
Describe the role that you have decided to write about
Describe how you would use the skills acquired from your degree to perform this role
Discuss the use of psychology within your chosen role
On the basis of your research, evaluate whether the benefits of obtaining a psychology degree outweigh the costs


Human Resource Management and the Role of Psychology in the Profession
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Human Resource Management and the Role of Psychology in the Profession
The study of psychology has proven to be an essential part in the current world as it provides people with knowledge on dealing with various personal, interpersonal, or even organizational challenges. Through learning psychology, one can gain insights into the functionality of the human mind and other contributors to motivation (Malim, 2017). The importance of this knowledge does not only benefit people studying the subject because they use it to influence the larger society. Seemingly, psychology offers important knowledge that allows humans to predict essential aspects that have a huge influence on life. Notably, psychology has proven to be effective in the organizational level (Malim, 2017). For instance, a clinical psychologist plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating behavioral, mental, and emotional sicknesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Equally, Human Resource Management (HRM) relies of psychology to deliver its roles and responsibilities effectively. Psychology is essential in practicing HRM because it helps in enables one to understand acceptable and unacceptable behaviors at the workplace, elucidate the reason for certain behaviors in some people, the cause of those actions, and determine the stimulus that reinforces and cuts down on particular behaviors.

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