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Doctor Assisted Suicide Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Write an argumentative essay about Doctor-Assisted Suicide


Doctor Assisted Suicide
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Doctor Assisted Suicide
Everybody wants to live long and nobody wants to die. People fight for their lives in different ways to see eventualities of their future lives. It may sound irrational to some people when they hear that somebody wants to die due to some reasons. Surprisingly, some of such deaths can be caused by a physician or a doctor due to some intentions. Doctor-assisted suicide occurs when the doctor voluntarily terminates a person’s life by administering a lethal substance either directly or indirectly. Doctor-assisted suicide is an act of providing a competent patient with the medication to use with the aim of ending their life. Doctor-assisted suicide has both opponents and proponents. Since it is not good to take the life of any human being, it is also not good to legalize the doctor-assisted suicide as argued by the opponents who seem to be not impressed with this activity. This essay focuses on how people have risen against the act of doctor-assisted suicide claiming that it is against their (doctors) role of helping the sick.

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